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Mehdi A.

product manager

Remote from Paris

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Paris, France
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Mehdi in a few words

I am Mehdi Ayouche, and I have 5 years experience as a Product Manager in highly exigent E-commerce and Saas startups based in Paris and San Francisco. I am also an alumni from ESCP Europe and Le Wagon Coding School.

I can help you start your business, build your product, get your early adopters and reach your product/market fit. As a founder you sometimes struggle turning your business into a vision and ultimately a product. I can be your Interim Chief Product Officer.

I will work with you using Lean Startup methodologies to reach the product/market fit.
We will make sure you are aligned with your customer's pain points, and that your product's positioning is well defined, using the UX techniques that suits best your business.

Depending on your state of advancement, I can :
-set up a landing page or a showcase site for product, sales or marketing purposes,
-set up with you agile methodologies,
-work on your product conversion rates,
-work on your product data strategy, including performing data collection, extraction and analysis
-work on specific wireframing needs, or even on interactive prototyping
-implement and measure specific and complex product missions such as an overall site redesign,
-help you define a vision, create and prioritize your roadmap, and your backlog,
-train your product team,
-understand your customer and their journey through qualitative and quantitative research,
-work on specific experimentation, especially with A/B Testing.

My Toolbelt: SQL, Trello, Github Projects, Jira, Sketch, Balsamiq, Metabase, Segment.io, Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Intercom, Hotjar, Slack, Front and Zapier.

Feel free to reach out for a first discussion about your problematics.


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Welcome to the Jungle

Human Resources

Product Manager

Paris, France

January 2018 - June 2018

Welcome to the Jungle aims at helping everyone find its path in the job market.

As the first Product Manager I was in charge of creating the Roadmap, bringing an extensive understanding of the users and their pain points, and designing an overall seamless User Experience.

-Created and shared the roadmap.
-Brought methodology in the product team via Github Project.
-Implemented the Product's KPIs. Created the first product tagging plan via Google Analytics to measure them. Visually handled and shared the results via Google Data Studio.
- Identified user's and customer's profiles and needs using UX methodologies such as testing, interviewing, wireframing and customer journey mapping.
-Communicated internally and externally about product strategy and evolution.
-Handled some projects on the roadmap, from goal and kpis setting to testing and delivering.



Product Manager

Paris, France

July 2016 - December 2017

Artsper is the European leader of online sale for Contemporary Art.

In charge of the evolution of both an E-commerce and a Saas Product : Roadmap, Agile Execution, UX Design.

-Led the site redesign and the implementation of the new version in less than 3 months.
-Implemented the overall Agile working methodology.
-Increased the user's conversion rate at the bottom of the funnel by a 10% MoM rate .
-Created the overall Product Data Tagging and Strategy.
-Prioritized the backlog in function of user and internal pain points, and results of data analysis.
-Reduced drastically the technical debts by consolidating API's, which resulted in a 90% decrease in the number of bugs.
-Led and trained a team of 6 engineers, 1 UI/UX Designer and 1 Product Intern.


Health, Wellness & Fitness

Software Engineer & Product Manager (Freelance)

Paris, France

February 2016 - June 2016

MedGo is a Saas platform that lets health professionals manage with simplicity its network of substitutes.

In charge of turning the founder's idea into a Product's vision.
In charge of executing this vision by designing and coding the first version of the website.

-Sketch mockups of the first version of the website.
-Creation of the different models (Building routes, controllers, models) and of a seamless Front-end experience.

The Assets


Product Manager

Paris, France

June 2014 - December 2015

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