Refer a project and earn 5% of the invoiced amount

You learn about a potential project

You might have a client contact who approaches you for work that you’re too busy to complete. Or they might have a need that is outside your area of expertise. Malt can help!

Simply share the details with Malt

When you share an opportunity with Malt, the Malt teams first contact you to discuss the details of the project. Someone with expertise in your client's sector then contacts the client to find the best freelancer in the Malt community for the project.

A freelancer lands the project thanks to you, and we reward you!

If the customer works with a freelancer from the Malt community on the project you recommended, you will receive 5% of the invoiced amount.

The simplest way to help your customers deliver their projects while increasing your income

  • Strengthen your relationship with your customers by helping them to find the right person for their project.
  • Supplement your income by sharing new project opportunities identified within your network.
Share a project
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How much can you earn? 5% of the invoiced amount! Examples:

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For a short-term project of €3,000

You receive 5% of the €3,000 invoiced, i.e. €150.

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For a 6-month project, 20 days per month

With an average daily rate of 500€, your monthly referral fee will be 5% of the monthly invoiced amount (20 days x 500€=10,000€ per month). This equates to 500€ per month, i.e. 3000€ over 6 months.

Start earning passive
income now !

  • The minimum assignment value eligible for a referral fee is 3,000€, excluding VAT.
  • The client must not have previously contacted Malt's team to discuss the project opportunity, nor conducted a search on Malt for this particular project.
  • To qualify as a referring freelancer or consultant, you are required to have a freelancer account on Malt and complete your business settings for payment purposes.

See programme conditions.

  • For a one-off project: payment is made once the client has paid for their project.
  • For a long-term project: payment is made on a monthly basis, once the client has paid for their project.

Great news! Should the client and freelancer decide to extend the project or engage in another project within 12 months following the quote's acceptance, you'll continue to receive rewards!

When you share an opportunity with Malt, our team will initially contact you to discuss the project details. After that, a member of our team with expertise in your client's sector will reach out to them. This ensures we find the most suitable freelancer within the Malt community for the project.