We make freelance management work for all teams

Save time & money

Malt ensures high-quality services at competitive rates. All freelancer rates are publicly available to make benchmarking easier, with no overhead fees.

Centralize all freelance activities

Sign one master contract and reference a single supplier when paying invoices. Contracts and legal documents are stored in one place in your Malt account.

Manage expenses

Run real-time reports on freelancer activities on a team-by-team basis: quotes, current projects, expenses, invoices. Alerts and double validation help you optimize your budget.

Work with fully compliant freelancers 

Enable your hiring managers to source freelancers with verified legal documents. Freelancers sign your contractual terms and conditions online.

Effortlessly manage your freelancer fleet

Save time & money by centralizing contracts, compliance & payments of all your freelancer workforce.


Build your company’s pool of talent, from Malt or your own network. Simplify and secure your freelance contracts and payroll.

Stay compliant

Ensure that all freelancers automatically comply with local legislation and your company’s contractual terms. All legal documents are verified and required to be up to date.

Analyze & optimize

Get analytics on freelancer activities at the company level to keep an eye on spending and manage your workforce.

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Gather all your freelancer talent in one solution

Centralize all freelancers in your network, whether they are on Malt or not.

Streamline your contracting, hiring & payment processes and reduce time-to-staffing by building your unified pool of go-to talent.

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We set you up for success — safely

Get a complete overview of your freelance activities in one unique platform.

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We tailor our plans to your needs


A quick and easy way to find skilled freelancers on your own.

Recommended for smaller companies (up to 50 employees)

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Personalized support for finding the best freelancers for every project.

Recommended for mid-size companies (up to 500 employees)

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Our most advanced freelance management and corporate compliance features.

Recommended for large companies (500+ employees)

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