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Santosh in a few words

Experience: 10 years of experience in 4 countries (France, United States, England, and India).

Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Data Science, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Big Data and Data Engineering.

Previous companies: INRIA, Cambridge University, The Boeing Company, Boston Scientific, Procter & Gamble, CVS Health, Arizona Department of Education, Prisma Media, United States Department of Transportation, University of Arizona.

I worked in a big team (30 people), small teams (5 people to 10 people), and independently to deliver a project.

I won many awards for my work. To give an example, for my last work with Boston Scientific, I received an annual innovation award which is given to only 20 people out of 29000 employees of Boston Scientific.

Also, I published many research papers in international journals, and prestigious conferences in the world.


Orange SA - ORANGE


Consultant - Big Data and AI

Paris, France

October 2020 - Today

- I am working on 3 months consulting mission with Orange in Wholesale internet protocol (IP) Service engineering department to build architecture and infrastructure for large scale data-driven network monitoring solution for Orange IP network.
- I am working on technologies such as prometheus SNMP exporter, Prometheus times-series database engine, thanos time-series db, Go, Python, influxdb, timescaleDB, docker, kubernates, kubeflow, git, and linux.
- Using these technologies, I am building large scale data driven network monitoring solution that would support the large scale (0.5 million metric in 2 minutes fetching cycle) time-series metric fetched by prometheus SNMP exporter for 500 IP nodes.


High Tech

Data Scientist

Paris, France

August 2019 - December 2019

Data mining
Data curation using NLP for food and nutrition data.
Data architecture

Boston Scientific

High Tech

Machine Learning Scientist

Paris, France

January 2017 - December 2018

- Received ImagineIF award from Boston Scientific for my work on machine learning.
- NLP for a large scale social media analytics.
- Developed several Machine Learning algorithms for analyzing a large scale data
- Developed NLP algotithms such as Sentimental Analysis, Fuzzy Matching, Sensitivity Analysis, Topic Modeling, Entity Recognition etc

CVS Health

High Tech

Data Scientist

Phoenix, États-Unis d'Amérique

September 2013 - April 2014

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