Romain Abidonn

UI/UX Designer et Web DĂ©veloppeur

Moves to Paris, Paris

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Propose a project The project will only begin when you accept Romain's quote.

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Paris, France
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Romain in a few words

Hey đź‘‹ I'm Romain a UI / UX Designer and Software Engineer from Paris! Most of my experience lies in UI/UX Design and fullstack development, but I also have a strong entrepreneurial background.
I'm mostly experienced in JavaScript, Go and Google Cloud which I started nearly 5 years ago, but also in VueJS, Flutter and Bubble that I used on some of my projects.

I love to work on user-oriented projects, aiming to have a real impact on users' everyday life or work. Especially inside a blooming team where I will be able to keep improving by sharing my experiences and learn from others as we tackle challenging topics together.

Learn more about my work here:


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Software Publisher

UI / UX Designer, Web DĂ©veloppeur et Formateur

January 2018 - Today

My portfolio:

Helping companies and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas:

- Product and UI/UX Design
- Architecture and software development
- Best practices and code improvements (refactoring, optimization, unit testing)
- Tech fundamentals training/consulting for entrepreneurs and business teams


Social Networks


Paris Area, France

February 2019 - August 2019

More than 5,000 users and a 4.7/5 rating on Chrome Store.
Stopped after new Linkedin policies, preventing users to use third-parties tools (

Linkr was a free Automated LinkedIn Lead Generation tool focused on helping companies grow their business and increase their visibility effortlessly by acquiring and engaging new connections with personalized messages, generate leads by exporting contact and professional details from profiles and create marketing campaigns directly inside LinkedIn. I was in charge of product and graphic design, development of the Chrome Extension and web platform, growth strategy, and support.

crème de la crème

Consulting & Auditing

Founder and CTO

Paris Area, France

April 2015 - February 2019

As a co-founder and CTO I was in charge of :

- Conceiving and deploying a highly scalable product and its services (B2B platform + mobile app with API, applications system, back-office, messaging, contract generation, payment, authentication)
- Management of processes, tech support and debugging
- Hiring, training and management of our developer's team (10+ people)
- Strategy building with team managers (product, marketing, sales, community)
- Building business partnerships and events with tech companies/groups
- Tech training of our business and operational teams

In parallel to that, I was also in charge of the management of applications and hiring of tech freelancers for our platform. I profiled and analyzed tech profiles who applied to our platform, achieved tech interviews as well as code and social reviews, and scouted profiles on social networks and tech events.

Stack: Go, JavaScript, ReactJS (previously Angular), Google Cloud

Canal+ (Vivendi) - CANAL +

Entertainment & Leisure

Software Engineer Intern

RĂ©gion de Paris, France

July 2014 - December 2014

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