Raphael Cousin

Data Scientist

Moves to Paris, Paris 6e Arrondissement, Bordeaux

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Propose a project The project will only begin when you accept Raphael's quote.

Location and geographical scope

Paris, France
Can work in your office at
  • Paris and 50km around
  • Paris 6e Arrondissement and 100km around
  • Bordeaux and 100km around





Skills (21)

Raphael in a few words

Mathematician and developer, focus on Big Data management (Hadoop Ecosystem, AWS, GCP), reinforcement learning (Openai, DeepMind) and generative models (GAN). Throughout my academic studies I have acquired theoretical background in analysis, statistics and algorithmics. Graduated from School 42, I have developed skills in IT and software development. Eager to work with motivated and talented teams, in order to build innovative and sustainable AI solutions. I stay open to opportunities and new challenges.
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Veepee - Vente-privée


Data Scientist

Paris, France

May 2019 - November 2019

Worked on the home page recommender system.
• Built environments to simulate the user/home page interactions and to replay the historical data
• Developed deep learning algorithms, with focus on reinforcement and Bayesian learning
• Computed benchmarks, according to the product constraints (delay reward, position bias, continuous and binary rewards)
• Deployed cloud (GCP) pipeline using managed tools for storage (Bigquery), preprocessing (Apache-Beam / Dataflow), training/serving (tensorflow_gpu / AI Platform)
• Participated paper lecture and research team activities

Phoenix research station

Food Industry

Software Engineer

Elx, Espagne

June 2018 - November 2018

Developed tools for palm trees detection using machine learning and high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery.
• Acquired and managed the data
• Implemented computer vision solutions (CNN, sliding window, non maximum suppression)
• Experimented at large scale (100 km 2 )
• Visualization and interaction with results (GIS dashboard)
• Presented at FAO/CIHEAM international meeting, Bari (Italy)



CTO - Data Scientist

Paris, France

June 2017 - January 2018

Poleon : Real time predictions on transportation demand. https://poleon.co/

Led the design, the development and the maintenance of a software as a service which provided real time predictions to mobility stakeholders.
As data scientist, I managed the five million data collected every day from public and private sources. Including road traffic, Facebook events, meteorology, pollution, RATP, SNCF, Vélib.
Focused on:
• Databases structuring
• Data denoising
• Data engineering
• Predict inflow and demand
• Distribution, visualization and KPI for customers



Software Developer Intern

Paris, France

May 2016 - August 2016

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