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Jonathan Makonnen

Expert Analytics & Data visualisation

Moves to Paris, Paris

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Paris, France
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  • Paris and 50km around
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Jonathan in a few words

Diplômé d'ESCP Europe, je travaille depuis +6 ans dans le secteur de la data.
Fort d'expériences acquises au sein de différents types de structures (agence, annonceur, prestataire technologique) et de différentes tailles (startups & grands groupes) dans le secteur digital, je souhaite aujourd'hui mettre à disposition mon expertise aux marques afin de les aider à mieux capitaliser sur leurs données et optimiser leur marketing digital. J'exerce auprès de tout types de structures (startups, grands comptes, PME, agences...).

Au cours de mes expériences, j'ai été amené à développer une expertise sur un grand nombre de problématiques et d'outils liés à l'usage de la donnée :
- Web & UX Analytics : Google Analytics, AT Internet, Content Square
- Product Analytics : Amplitude, Mixpanel
- Data Visualization : Tableau, Data Studio, Metabase, Looker
- Data Collection : Google Tag Manager, Segment, Adobe
- Data Processing : Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Snowflake
- Data Activation : SEA, Facebook Ads, RTB, Display, Retargeting
- Web & Mobile attribution : Eulerian, Mazeberry, Adjust, Appsflyer, Tune, Kochava
- Data Analysis : SQL, Python

J'apprécie notamment travailler en collaboration avec les équipes marketing et produit afin de les accompagner sur des problématiques d'acquisition, de rétention, d'engagement et de conversion.


MKN Data

Consulting & Auditing

Freelance Data Analyst

Paris, France

January 2020 - Today

- Data Collection : KPIs definition, tagging plan, tool configuration (GA, Mixpanel, Amplitude...)
- Data Storage & Processing on cloud-based data warehouses (BigQuery, Snowflake...)
- Data Analysis on business related-topics using SQL, Python or analytics tools (Google Analytics, AT internet...)
- Conversion Rate Optimization through analytics and A/B testing (AB Tasty, Optimize)
- Data Visualization on tools such as Tableau, Data Studio, Looker or Power BI
- Media Advisory (budget allocation, acquisition roadmap)
- Media Activation & Optimization (SEA, Facebook Ads, Display)

Cafeyn (ex-LeKiosk)

Press & Media

Senior Data Analyst

Paris, France

February 2019 - December 2019

- Partnered with developers and engineers to reshape and maintain a data architecture that best responds to business needs
- Built metrics and dashboards for business teams to help them better monitor their activities (product, marketing, finance)
- Run ad-hoc analyses to understand and tackle business issues LeKiosk was facing (churn, funnel, usage analysis...)

Tools :

• Dataviz : Tableau Software, Metabase
• Analytics : Amplitude, Google Analytics
• Tracking : Segment, Google Tag Manager
• Data Warehouse : Snowflake
• Database : Azure SQL, PostgreSQL

Rakuten - Rakuten


Data Analyst

Paris, France

October 2016 - February 2019

- Analyzed complex data from multiple sources to ensure advertising campaign performance
- Developed reports and metrics to provide actionable insights to both clients and top management 
- Worked closely with the science team to detect bias or anomalies in Rakuten prediction algorithms behaviour
- Managed controlled AB tests from design to execution and analysis, to validate new product features
- Worked on a data migration project that involved migrating Rakuten data from Redshift to GCP BigQuery

Tools :
• Acquisition : RTB, Facebook Analytics
• Analytics : Google Analytics, Adobe
• Attribution : Eulerian, Mazeberry
• Data Warehouse : Amazon Redshift & Big Query
• Data visualisation : Tableau Software, Data Studio


Consulting & Auditing

Data Analyst

Paris, France

March 2016 - September 2016

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