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Our mission: create a world where everyone is free to choose the best people to work with.

At Malt, we believe in a world where success is powered by the perfect combination of the right people, with the right team, and the right projects.
We have created a new work order with the fastest-growing marketplace that connects freelancers with over 140,000 project owners ready to take their projects even further.

We make the administrative, legal, and payment processes for freelancers simple and secure, and all in one place so you can focus on what matters to you.

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A little sidenote

Malt is what you get when two entrepreneurs, passionate about the latest technological and digital developments, unite. They move quick. Perhaps maybe even too quick in a world of work that is struggling to provide the right talent for their galloping innovations.

Vincent Huguet, CEO of Malt, was previously a founder of e-commerce startups. Hugo Lassiège, CTO, was a freelance developer, and founder of the Lateral Thoughts tech community. They met in 2012 to discuss a common issue that companies were facing: the difficulty to find freelancers to help them move their projects forward.

The following year, they founded Malt together. Their ambition: to change the way we work by transforming the market for intellectual services (agencies, consulting firms) with a transparent business platform and the emergence of a community of freelance experts. In 2020, Vincent and Hugo can be proud of themselves for having initiated the movement. Malt now counts 200,000 freelancers and 30,000 registered companies in Europe.

Our path

Vincent and Hugo found Malt

First freelance breakfast

Hugo moves the tech team to Lyon

Beginning of promoting and cultivating remote-work culture

Malt counts over 5,000 freelancers

Malt establishes its values

Its community of freelancers, ambitions, independence, and enthusiasm.

First karaoké

The community gets even bigger

50,000 freelancers and 1,000 companies on board.

Malt goes international

Opens offices in Spain.

Sésame Pass

Launch of the Sésame pass to protect freelancers.

Malt Insights

1st collaborative management tool for freelance activity within companies

100,000 freelancers on board

Malt launches in Germany

The mobile app is made available

200,000 freelancers and 30,000 companies registered on Malt

The new work order has begun!

Malt Academies train over 25,000 people for free.


We are driven by our values.


Our company only works if people are put first, so we care about them, their lives, choices, and aspirations. Caring and supporting people means helping each other. It means we give honest, constructive feedback and make difficult decisions when we have to.

Spread the joy.

We put joy at the center of everything we do, and bring in a little optimism when it comes to work. We know everything isn’t perfect all the time, but it’s up to us to be positive, and to focus on what’s working so we can keep moving forward.

Turn ambition into action.

We believe in creating a better world by empowering everyone to bring their passions to work and realize their ambitions. We own our own ideas and work hard to turn the best ones into something concrete.

Give everyone independence.

Sometimes saying sorry is better than asking for permission, so we give people the autonomy to experiment and move fast. Sometimes we fail, and that’s ok – we own up to our mistakes as well as our successes. Our freedom to choose the way we work doesn’t mean we’re directionless, we balance it out with focus.

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