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Yuval Drori

⚡️ Full Stack Dev | Node, React, TS & Redux Expert

Remote from Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv, Israel
Remote only
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Yuval in a few words

I build top-quality Back-End, Front-End and Full-Stack projects of all sizes. Depending on your needs, I can offer services either as an independent developer, or team-up with one of the internationally renown designers I work with to both professionally design and develop your project. I work with companies and individuals of all levels of understanding of technology, from complete unfamiliarity to absolute mastery. I mostly use the MERN Stack + TypeScript and Redux to build and deploy web scrapers, back-ends, and web/desktop applications. I also use some more highly specialized technologies when needed, like WebRTC and Socket.io.



Freelance Full-Stack & Back-End Web Developer


July 2019 - Today

• Building native web, mobile & desktop applications for clients using mainly Node.js, MongoDB, TypeScript, React.js (MERN Stack) and Redux, with the addition of Electron.js for desktop applications. • Building, when needed, with specialized technologies, such as WebRTC, Socket.IO and more. • Offering services either as an independent developer, or teaming up with internationally renown designers to have projects both professionally designed & developed. • Using my background in Cyber-Security & Research to ensure projects are secure, optimized and using the best technologies for their use-case. • Using my experience in managing large clients to ensure constant, optimal communication with the client at all times, as well as ensuring they're fully aware of all the important parts in their project's development.


CampFire - Example Project

June 2020 - September 2020

• Massive project. CampFire (currently in closed beta) is a platform where friends can watch anything in the world together. The web app presents them a selection of every movie, TV show and anime in existence, finds a streaming source for it, and then syncs it in between every participant, while also allowing them to chat and hang out, all on the same app. • Front-end consisted of a React app, Chrome extension, WebRTC, and an Electron app. • Back-end consisted of a Node + Express API, Socket.io handlers, and more. • Major challenge #1: needed to allow users on browsers to stream files using the BitTorrent protocol. Impossible since the browser doesn't have access the NIC APIs required to use it. Only 3rd party solution available wasn't a good fit for the project's use cases. Solved by offloading it to the Electron portion of the project. Browser sent the file's metadata to the Electron app, the app handled the file, and then made it available (only) to the browser by hosting it on a local server, with appropriate permissions configured. • Major challenge #2: built a Chrome extension that intercepted every cookie incoming from a certain domain, searched it for certain headers, and replaced them with custom ones. Still on that domain, I found certain "hidden" React contexts that having access to sped the app's development significantly, and enabled the extension to access them. CampFire can currently only be demoed upon request and depending on permission from the client who owns it.

Red-Button / Cyber Security

DDoS Expert & Information Security Specialist

Tel Aviv Area, Israel

March 2019 - June 2019

• Was part of a DDoS & Information Security management team of some of the biggest companies in their fields. • Role was being either or both a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and a DDoS Expert, depending on the client. • Learned every client's network and information security architecture in-depth and familiarized myself with security breaches they've experienced in the past. • Responsible for remaining constantly aware of relevant threats/vulnerabilities and adjusting clients' defenses accordingly. • Helped educate clients' security teams so that they're better able to maintain their security architecture independently. • Among the clients I was responsible for were one of the biggest secure payment processors in the world, one of the biggest digital advertising implementation companies in the world and one of the biggest gaming companies in the world.

Israel National Cyber Directorate - מערך הסייבר הלאומי

Technological Cyber Threats Analyst

March 2018 - March 2019

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