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Vladimir Mikulic

Business-oriented Front-end Developer

Remote from Grude

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Grude, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Remote only
Works remotely most of the time





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Vladimir in a few words

Front-end Developer with a strong focus on business applications and user experience. Helping companies and products reach new heights.
Being able to balance between craft, speed, and the bottom line is my main strength.

Main expertise: Next.js / Node.js / Google Apps Script


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Asynchronous Art

High Tech

Front-end Developer

January 2021 - Today

Async Art is a new art movement platform built on blockchain born out of the question: "How would art look like if it could be programmed?"

Art that can evolve over time, react to its owners, or follow a stock price - welcome to 21st century art.

At Async Art, I am responsible for developing, maintaining, and optimizing the front-end of the website.


Code Highlight

Software Publisher

Product Founder / Developer

October 2020 - Today

Code Highlight is a commercial add-on that I launched back in October of 2020 with an aim to help managers, tech leads & educators embed rich code snippets in Google Slides.

Since then, the add-on has grown to 4700+ users and is currently in the process of expanding to other platforms.


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