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Tamer Yildirim

Professional Turkish Teacher

Moves to Lille

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Propose a project The project will only begin when you accept Tamer's quote.

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Lille, France
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  • Lille and 50km around


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Education & E-learning



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Tamer in a few words

I’m a man of logic and this has shaped my life so far. Illogical things baffle me and I really have hard time to figure them out. When I learn new things, I tend to believe that there should always be a logic behind it. This tendency helped me a lot with languages in general but with Turkish, it absolutely became an obsession. As a native speaker and a turcologist, I got the chance to discover the logic of Turkish and it developed me in my field since it is easier to teach something when you understand it thoroughly.

I am a caring teacher. I do care about your needs in your learning process.

Teaching Turkish is my business so I am always after improving my service quality and am always open to criticism. You should never hesitate to tell me what you don’t like about our lessons. Remember, you’re the boss here!

My feedbacks are always honest. If you did good, I will give you that. If you did bad, I won’t mention it because life itself is quite stressful and I don’t want your hobby to cause trouble to you. We cannot learn when we stress anyway, can we?

After years of experience, I’ve created my own curriculum to teach you the Turkish language and its grammar the most effective way possible. In this curriculum, quite literally, every step is crucial and I do not go further before I make sure you get everything right. In Kazakh, to learn and to get used to are the same verb. So yes, I will be keep giving homeworks on the lacking subjects that I spot until you get used to, ahem, learn them. And wait, no, I am not teaching Kazakh but Turkish. You're not on the wrong profile! It was just a cool example to justify my hard homeworks.

Thank you for reading until the end. I hope we will be a great fit!


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Yunus Emre Institute

Education & E-learning

Turkish Teacher

Bratislava, Slovakia

September 2017 - July 2018 (10 months)

Teaching Turkish as a foreign language at Comenius University in Bratislava
class management langauge teaching

Premium Turkish Courses

Education & E-learning

Professional Turkish Teacher

January 2017 - Today (4 years and 7 months)

I’ve been teaching Turkish with online private lessons to foreigners for about 5 years now.
E-learning teaching language teaching turkish as a foreign language grammar

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