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Sylvain in a few words

Defining myself as an Automotive Enthusiast, I worked for the past 18 years in this field, more precisely in the structural FEA domain. After a main period by PSA Peugeot Citroen when I went deeply into the challenges of designing automotive components, I joined e-Xstream Engineering Company where, as a business developpement engineer, I drove discussions with several major OEM around the globe. This great role brought me to developp a deep understanding and mastery of lightweight structure's design using advanced materials and manufacturing processes.
I propose my help to companies which need to get OEM level of knowledge on structural FEA applied to the design of lightweight structures made of reinforced plastics, composites or even 3D printed materials.




Freelance Automotive Expert

October 2020 - Today

My activities in the automotive industry are motivated by what is commonly known as "automotive enthusiasm". This is clearly what describes at best the pleasure I have in working in the automotive industry. I have a true passion for the technologies applied in this field to win nowadays and tomorrow's challenges. I had the great opportunities to work 9 years inside an OEM organization following by more than 5 years in a material modelling company. During this last experience, I did build and drive different technical projects with different OEMs in Europe (BMW, Daimler), US (Ford), Japan (Toyota, Honda), UK (Bentley) and India (Mahindra), participate as presenter to different conferences (Nafems, SPE ACCE), which gave me insights about the different strategies which can be chosen to obtain the best optimized designs for different types of performances. These 14 years reinforced my passion for this domain and my understanding on the drivers, challenges, benefits as well as the risks which the Automotive industry has to face every day.
➤ Automotive Lightweight Design Strategies & Trends
➤ OEM & Tier1s Needs & Challenges
➤ Project Building & Management
➤ Advanced Materials & Processes for Lightweight
➤ Metal to Plastic Replacement
➤ Advanced FEA Methods & Softwares
➤ Plastics & Composite Behaviors & Testing
➤ Structural FEA for Failure, NVH, Crash, Fatigue

Sylvana SAS



July 2019 - Today

This is about my second passion beside Automotive. I love all what is about real estate business, notably finding the potential behind a ruin and imagine what wonderful piece of living place can be created starting sometimes completely from scratch, or worse ! Our aim here is to look for hidden nuggets and work in collaboration with architects to build lovely places to live which will be proposed for selling.

e-Xstream engineering, an MSC Company


Business Development Engineer Automotive

August 2013 - December 2018

I enjoyed my position as Business Developper Engineer where I had the privilege to meet with several major OEM around the world and get insight of their challenges, needs, requirements in designing lightweight vehicle structures using advanced materials like glass, natural or carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics and thermosets, 3D printed materials, or advanced metals. This gave me the occasion to build studies and present technical papers focusing on several current issues like the modelling of CFRP crash behaviors or new methods to design NVH components accounting for the material's and process effects on its damping behavior, a work made in collaboration with Ford Motor Company. In addition to my work at the structural level with OEMs & Tier1s, I met with different material suppliers, e-Xstream Engineering partners, and deeply understand the challenge of designing and testing these material's behavior with the aim to describe it correctly inside finite element models.
➤ Capture the Automotive OEMs & Tier1s needs for lightweight design with composites
➤ Help Sales team to drive technical discussions with Automotive Customers
➤ Help Development team to define appropriate capabilities to include for Customers
➤ Help Marketing team to build website's content, brochure and articles to promote Digimat
➤ Build and manage POC & part's design projects
➤ Material modelling of composites and reinforced plastics
➤ Structural FEA on composite and RFP parts for NVH, failure, crash, fatigue
Expertise : automotive design, automotive parts, automotive structures, structural FEA, material modelling of composites, material modelling of reinforced plastics, project management, business development, build marketing material, webinars, Abaqus, Nastran SOL1XX+400, LSDyna, Digimat

PSA Peugeot Citroën Sochaux - PSA


Structural FEA Engineer | Methodology Specialist & Technical Support

Montbéliard, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France

September 2006 - July 2013

During this 7 years experience in the same team, I had the opportunity to build a solid knowledge about the challenges faced everyday by design teams in building tomorrow's car body in white and openings with the best crash, NVH, fatigue behaviors so that the end user may enjoy their car every day. My role among the team was to support design teams in their daily work, improving modelling methods and softwares in collaboration with the editors in order to build robust and reliable numerical solutions. In particular, we validated several new solutions like the usage of Nastran SOL400 for modelling contacts, the modelling of spotweld for NVH and static failure identification purposes. This way, I participated to continuously improve the PSA's modelling referential and help structural FEA teams to gain in efficiency and predictivity.
➤ Project Management
➤ Capture & write technical needs and goals specifications
➤ Daily technical & methodological support for french, brasilian and chinese structural FEA teams
➤ Build technical referential documentations for NVH, static failure, fatigue performances
➤ Validation, implementation of NASTRAN SOL400 Non Linear Solution
➤ Presentation of PSA's numerical workflow for the design of BIW and openings in NVH & static performances
Expertise : Abaqus, Nastran SOL1XX + 400, project management, continuous improvement, NVH, Non linear static behaviors, fatigue behaviors, build and provide trainings

groupe ALTEN


Structural FEA Engineer | Methodology Specialist & Technical Support

Vélizy-Villacoublay, Île-de-France, France

October 2004 - August 2006

During this onsite mission for PSA Peugeot Citroen, I had the pleasure to start my "inside an OEM" adventure thanks to the opportunity offered by Alten Group My role was to provide the technical support for structural FEA team based in France on the usage of Abaqus and Nastran. I started here to build a first understanding of an OEM challenge in designing efficiently a vehicle structure, notably for NVH and fatigue purposes. I've been involved here in the construction of PSA referential for body in white and opening mesh and modelling rules for NVH and fatigue performances.
➤ Structural FEA with Abaqus & Nastran
➤ Modelling of NVH and non linear static performances
➤ Write technical referential documentations for design teams
Expertise : structural FEA, Abaqus standard, Nastran



Structural FEA Engineer

Vélizy-Villacoublay, Île-de-France, France

May 2000 - September 2004

After doing my duty to France in the army in 1999 (no big deal, I was musician...), I've started this first exciting professional experience by Bertrandt Group working in the aerospace industry at first, and then in the automotive one. During the first 2 years I've been working onsite by SNECMA Motors. I did calculations for the risk of failure of fixed turbine blades submitted to vibrational loads with or without initial damages. All these works has been conducted using Samcef and Abaqus. The last 2 years has been spent on projects for the automotive industry, notably for PSA Peugeot Citroen for example on the modelling of door handles submitted to exceptional static loads with Abaqus.
➤ Structural FEA with Abaqus & Samcef
➤ NVH, static failure
Expertise : Structural FEA, Abaqus, Samcef


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