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Rolando Barbella

Front end - React Js developer

Moves to Oporto

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Oporto, Portugal
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  • Oporto and 50km around





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Rolando in a few words

I speak English and Spanish fluently

A React JS developer who gets thrilled from creating great pleasing solutions that deliver user-friendly. Since I started programming with different tools and languages, I have focused my career on not just doing a job but delivering quality work, along with great interest in Javascript development with commercial experience in React Native, React Js, and backend frameworks like Ruby and Rails and Node Js.

I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in great projects that have allowed me to gain experience in web, mobile, and desktop apps environment.

I am a member of the AWS Community Builder program, which has lent me to focus on serverless technologies with great interest in Aws amplify and DynamoDB.

On a personal level, kindness, respect, and empathy are my core principles.




React Native Developer

Cardiff, Reino Unido

May 2016 - May 2018

Developing a hiring staff mobile app from scratch called Sumoshift, the app instantly connects businesses with staff when they need each other the most.

My role was deeply involved in the development, design, and deployment of the app as a newborn product, we were a small team with not a lot of resources, so backend work with Ruby and Rails for the web app also was also done, along with other tasks that included: Rackspace deployment, code reviews, and agile planning between the team.

Stack and tools used: React Native, ReactJs, Redux, Jest, Ruby and Rails, Rackspace, Git, Bootstrap CSS, Xcode, Expo, and Android Studio

Agile methodology: Scrums

Delivery Blueprints

Digital Agency and IT company

React Native Developer

Cardiff, Reino Unido

January 2018 - June 2019

Working for a software consultancy that takes care of two main clients, BNI and Lexblock, both projects have large mobile app solutions developed with React Native which I was actively involved in, on a daily basis. Some web work was also done by our team, technologies like ReactJs, Redux, styled-components, and NodeJs used in different tasks.

Main duties include Developing, maintaining components and features, bug fixes, code reviews, agile planning, UX reviews, and others.

Stack and tools used: React Native, ReactJs, Redux, Typescript, NodeJs, HTML, Styled Components, Jest, Git, Ansible, Jira, Slack, Gitlab, VS code, Xcode, and Android Studio.

Agile methodology: Scrums

BNI Mobile app link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bnimobile.global


High Tech

React Developer

Cardiff, Reino Unido

June 2019 - September 2019

The DVLA is one of the Not Binary main clients, my team and I were part of the trailers UI team which had the responsibility to help improve their internal software registration, including redesign and other engineer work.

Working as a developer in an agile team that ensured quality work deliverable to the client was a real pleasure, our BDD approach helped us achieve good communication, effectiveness, and great productivity.

Main duties include: Developing and maintaining components, bug fixes, code reviews, agile planning, unit testing, E2E test, among others tasks.

Stack and tools used: ReactJs, Jest, Enzyme, ROR, Rspec, Cucumber, HTML, CSS, Docker, Jira, Slack, and Bitbucket.

Agile methodology: BDD and Scrums


High Tech

React Developer

May 2020 - Today

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