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Pouyan Rafieifard

Data science and AI consultant

Moves to Frankfurt am Main, Berlin, München, Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Stuttgart

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Propose a project The project will only begin when you accept Pouyan's quote.

Location and geographical scope

Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
Can work in your office at
  • Frankfurt am Main and 50km around
  • Berlin and 100km around
  • München and 100km around
  • Hamburg and 100km around
  • Frankfurt am Main and 100km around
  • Stuttgart and 100km around


Project length
  • Between 3-6 months
  • ≥ 6 months


  • Verified email



Skills (7)

Pouyan in a few words

Pouyan is an experienced consultant for data science, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics who has dedicated his career to understanding online behavior of customers and offering actionable insights or cutting-edge technologies to help companies in the growth of their customer base.

Pouyan has 7 years of experience in consulting and advising companies and research institutes in data science, business analytics, and machine learning engineering fields. His innovation and problem-solving skills contributed to the businesses of multiple global companies in industries such as: sales and marketing, travel, aviation, transportation, healthcare, life sciences, and recruitment.

Besides, Pouyan has 3+ years of experience in business development and B2B sales processes. He has done engagements with companies in areas of driving B2B sales, preparing RfP responses, market research, marketing strategy, and developing international partnerships. These works have resulted in 10+ million dollar in company revenues.

Pouyan comes from a strong academic background in computational intelligence and neuroscience. He has done his PhD research in predictive modeling of consumer behavior. His research work has resulted in 10 publications in renowned journals and conference including ICML and Frontiers.

Pouyan has 5 years of teaching and advisory experience. He has trained over 150 graduate and undergraduate students in topics such as computer programming and information technology. He has done pro-bono advisory roles for many companies as a volunteer mentor as well.

In his leisure time Pouyan enjoys traveling, organizing social events, playing guitar, going to concerts, doing sports, and photography.



Digital Agency and IT company

Applied Intelligence Consultant

Kronberg im Taunus, Deutschland

May 2018 - April 2019

 Merchandising intelligence for international airline company: driving cus-tomer analytics (pricing analytics) for the aviation client using big data, visual analytics and machine learning technologies: Python, R, Tableau, Machine Learning, SQL, Hive.
 Human resources analytics for global information technology services com-pany: developing a framework for tracking user behavior and digital analytics for a HR talent search engine using technologies: Azure, Kubernetes, Python, ETL, SQL, Restful API, Flask, Machine Learning
 Financial analytics for European financial institution: developing a finance dashboard for the visualization of historical trends along with forecasted trends of economic KPIs: R Shiny, Machine Learning.
 RfP response preparation for European railway company: business develop activity leading to the winning bid involving: use case definition, algorithm design using machine learning and advanced analytics, research, project plan-ning.
 Big data architecture planning for global life sciences company: strategic planning, big data architecture, project management.
 Business analysis for global aviation company: use case identification, re-search, business requirements analysis, aviation industry analysis.
 Industry analysis for the assessment of the digital transformation maturity of Swiss companies using technologies machine learning and visual analytics technologies like: Python, R, Tableau.

Why Apply

Human Resources

Data Scientist & NLP Engineer

Leipzig, Deutschland

January 2016 - May 2017

 Advanced analytics for innovative recruitment platform: assisting the compa-ny to generate actionable insights for clients as well as developing an advanced analytics dashboard for extraction, integration, and visualization of data from internal and external sources. Used natural language processing and web ana-lytics. Technologies used: Python, NLTK, pyQT, Google Analytics, Google Cloud Platform.

The SaaS Co.

Digital Agency and IT company

Data Engineer

Berlin, Deutschland

January 2016 - September 2017

 Automated ETL pipelines for data-driven B2B sales and lead-generation: built an integrated data pipe-line for extracting, integrating, cleaning, and aggregat-ing, and visualizing insights from a big data-set of 270 million entries. Technol-ogies used: Python, PostgreSQL, NLTK, regex, matplotlib.

TU Dresden


PhD Researcher

Dresden, Deutschland

January 2015 - April 2018

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