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Mohnish Jadwani

Ruby on Rails Developer

Moves to Berlin, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Dresden

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Propose a project The project will only begin when you accept Mohnish's quote.

Location and geographical scope

Berlin, Deutschland
Can work on-site in your office in
  • Berlin and 50km around
  • Around Frankfurt am Main and 100km
  • Around Hamburg and 100km
  • Around Dresden and 100km



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Mohnish in a few words

Joyful Greetings for the Day from Berlin! :) My name is Mohnish and it's nice to have you here 🙂

Based on my 9.5+ years of working professionally as a programmer(mostly on the Backend and primarily on Web application development with Ruby, with prior experience in leading teams(lead developer/as an engineering manager in different capacities) to meet project deliverables and wonderful first hand opportunities of experiencing different work cultures in Singapore, The UK, India and currently Germany, I'd be happy to:

**Use my existing knowledge in**:

Backend software development, Leading software teams, building a work culture that fosters trust, collaboration, inclusiveness & a sense of belonging, hiring, improving onboarding, things related to different phases of project design, development & deployment life cycle, using agile methodologies, owning & delivering projects end to end including proactive planning, making them more autonomous, facilitating meetings(like sprint planning, grooming, retrospective etc.,), giving & receiving feedback, conflict mediation, using emotional intelligence(in the context of dealing with feedback, conflicts etc.,), project management, development, supporting people in their growth, fixing process gaps, stakeholder communication, incident management, interacting with customers & integration partners, deployment & doing live customer demos

**To be of service in the following areas**:

- Freelance developer in building Web applications using Ruby and/or Rails and/or Elixir. Also open to full stack roles and would be happy to learn & grow my FE skills on the job.
- Improving the quality of communication within software teams
- Peer to peer communication
- Team member to manager communication & vice versa communication
- Building high performing and autonomous software teams
- Improving the quality of communication within software teams
- Hiring
- Building Emotional Intelligence & Improving mediation skills


Mentoring Club


June 2021 - Today (6 months)

Mentoring club is a pro bono mentorship platform & the idea behind it originated because of the 2020 corona pandemic. I've had the wonderful opportunity to work in co.'s in India, Singapore & Europe & I'm grateful to people who've been there(via mentorship etc.,) for me at varying times in this journey. In these times especially surrounding the Corona pandemic, I'd like to pay it forward. Specific topics on which I can share my experiences for your consideration are mentioned here in case you'd like to connect with me: https://lnkd.in/gu9X8nz


Software Consultant

Berlin, Germany

June 2021 - Today (6 months)

As a software consultant, I'd be happy to be of service in the following areas at a high level: 1. Software development(Backend development - Primarily with Ruby/Rails/Elixir) 2. Leadership Development 3. Team Coaching/Building 4. Discuss topics related to improving Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts in a software team 5. IT consulting(End to End Software Development Lifecycle) 6. Project Management A detailed list of areas where I could currently be of service as a software consultant are mentioned here: https://bit.ly/mohnish_serve_as_software_consultant. I've attempted to answer 1 question in those areas: https://bit.ly/mohnish_thoughts_on_how_to_build_an_amazing_culture_as_a_manager as a way to give an example of the potential value that I can bring to a company as a software consultant. If areas you'd like to collaborate on aren't mentioned above, feel free to ask via: [email protected] :).


Senior Backend Ruby on Rails Engineer

Berlin, Germany

December 2020 - April 2021 (4 months)

- Lead a team by taking ownership of building a new Ruby on Rails B2B2C app. This unblocked the team to work on their tasks independently. Conducted code reviews on the project. - Lead the complete rebranding of a product whose codebase had a challenging amount of technical debt. Resulting work led to documentation efforts that reduced the cycle time of related tasks for the team and made them more autonomous - Improved onboarding experience for team members - Improved engagement & sense of belonging among team members - Gave a live customer demo for one of our most recently completed product offerings


Backend Developer

Berlin, Germany

June 2020 - November 2020 (5 months)

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