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Mayur Borse

Full Stack Software Engineer

Moves to Pune

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Pune, India
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I'm Mayur. I'm a Passionate, Dedicated, Noble, Dynamic, Honest, and Result Oriented professional with a passion for Software Engineering and Perfection. Currently, working as a Full Stack Software Engineer (Python, Django, Django-REST, React.JS + Native, GraphQL, Deno, Aleph.js/Next.js), I'm writing a book on Deno runtime, the successor to Node.js (both created by Ryan Dahl). I'm pursuing a career in the field of Software Development, Full Stack Web Development, and trying to be a better developer and person each day.

Here's my career summary:

I'm writing a book on Deno that includes projects on React (aleph.js), Oak, GraphQL, Svelte (snel) modules.

I recently started learning Svelte and SvelteKit/Sapper. Using it to create few learning apps.

I've 1.9 Years of Professional Experience in React.js. I've worked on several React Projects and currently using Aleph.js (Deno alternative for Next.js) for my upcoming book on Deno. I've also started working on firebase recently. Using React Native for Product Development and several side projects(some available on GitHub). Tried GraphQL with Apollo. Using Gatsby for my upcoming personal portfolio. Planning to try React 360 (VR), Electron, React Desktop, and Proton Native for Development of Cross-Platform Desktop Apps with React. Also Tried React in Docker recently. Going to try React with Kubernetes soon.

I've 2 years of experience in Python. Currently working with Django, Django REST. My side projects are available on GitHub. I'm also planning to publish solutions to all questions from "Cracking the Coding Interview" Book in Python  in the next few months on GitHub. I'm also learning the FastAPI framework.

I got certified for 60+ courses on Pluralsight. Course Subjects include React, React Native, GraphQL, Python, Django, Javascript, etc.
Pluralsight Certifications (60+):

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