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Marko in a few words

Open for short well defined Java, Web, Mobile and backend software projects, as well as support of existing projects.
Ready to take all aspects of the project, from conception, throug architecture definition to the implementation and support.


Zabosu Inc

Software Publisher

Android Audio and Video publishing and streaming application

Santa Cruz, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

April 2012 - October 2012

Android Audio and Video publishing and streaming application - I took part in developing part of Android application that handled producing and publishing audio and video stream using Android phone camera and a microphone to Wowza Media Server. I was responsible for the client part of the application that involved video and audio capture on the device, and streaming to the server. Also took part in performance optimization in order to increase video capture frame rate, and reduce CPU usage on various Android versions (Android, Java, ffmpeg, RTMP, JavaCV).

Insidemaps Inc.

Real Estate

Senior Software Engineer

California, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika

January 2015 - December 2016

The company is providing a software solution for easy creation of realistic 3D models of interior from photos, for real estate, furniture retail and similar industries. I was working on 3D model loading time optimizations, in order to provide better user experience. This task involved both working on the client side code optimizations, as well as setting up server infrastructure. Other part involved creating a base for real-time collaborative viewing of 3D models where presenter and audience were able to manipulate the model and view in real time in a collaborative way. (JavaScript, Node.JS, Amazon AWS, Cloudfront, Angular, Pubnub, Firebase)

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions


Manager Solution Architecture and Integration

Stuttgart Area, Germany

April 2017 - Today

Currently I work as a manager of the Solution Architecture and Integration service teams.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Manager Release and Infrastructure Engineering

Stuttgart Area, Germany

March 2016 - March 2017

Worked as a manager of the newly formed Release and Infrastructure Engineering team. Main responsibilities included definition, introduction and implementation of Release Management processes inside IT, which would enable streamlining and automation of application infrastructure setup, build, automation and deployment. My team was also responsible for the application infrastructure and deployment architecture, application environment setup, including setting up and maintenance of build automation, continuous integration, automatic deployments of web applications, web application maintenance and monitoring. During the transition process, I was still kept responsible for the current web site backend and related applications and integrations. I was also responsible for the infrastructure and the support activities for the new eCommerce platform project which went into the production by the end of 2016 ( Tools used: Java, Jenkins, Tomcat, NodeJS, ReactJS, Ansible, New Relic, Nagios. Linux, Apache

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Web Infrastructure Team Lead / Web Architect

October 2012 - February 2016

Currently I work as a team leader, leading a distributed team of in-house developers, and contractors, both in Germany and India, and organizing and coordinating project development and support activities with my team members, other teams in IT, or working together with developers from software vendors, based on requirements of internal clients. On the technical side I am responsible for the general architecture of web applications, as well as support and maintenance of existing applications. Tools used: Enterprise Architect, MS Visio, FirstSpirit CMS, Java, PHP, Tomcat, Postgressql, Oracle, MSSql, Javascript, REST, Linux, Apache, IIS, NodeJS, ReactJS


Team Manager / Senior Software Architect

Belgrade, Serbia

September 2010 - September 2012

youngculture is a company the provides software development services to their partners. My primary role is to lead a team of developers that is working on implementations of various projects on behalf of one of our company partners. I am working as a team lead and technical lead. I work together with the project managers on defining detailed software specification and making sure the requirements are met. Also, I am responsible for defining the architecture of the solution software system. I'm working on all aspects of the development process, from defining and assigning tasks, writing detailed technical specification, giving estimates and making sure that customer requirements are met. I'm also responsible for complete implementation of the solution and managing team of developers. On the technical side I am responsible for general application architecture, database design, implementation and unit testing. (Java, Spring, Struts, JSP, OJB, Live Link Fulltext search engine, jQuery, MySQL, MSSQL, MS Project, BizAgi BPM, ArgoUML)

Cisco Systems

Senior Software Engineer

Belgrade, Serbia

June 2004 - August 2010

My main area of work was on a large MeetingPlace conferencing and collaboration system which consists of many modules. I also took part in various separate, but related projects. Cisco Unified MeetingPlace - Worked on various components and modules. - Administration web application - Tomcat, JSP, JSF based application for administration of wholse system. Was responsible for initial architecture of the application. - SOAP API - XFire based SOAP API that enables third-party integration (Tomcat, XFire). - Database - Tuning Informix database, creating set of scripts and cron jobs for database backup, restore and maintenance. Also, created designed and implemented first version of automated database upgrade procedure used by application installer. Created a set of scripts to automatically generate DAO code from database schema (Shell scripting, Java, Python). - DMZ implementation - Architected and worked on solution which allowed one of the servers to be located outside of the corporate firewall, in DMZ (ssh, SOAP) Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Conference Manager - Client - server application used by administrators and power users to provide ability to find, schedule and monitor and manage audio and web meetings. It included ability to perform all supported meeting operation while meeting is in progress, like initiate recording, call user by phone, mute/unmute, managing Q&A sessions, ... It also included full user managements part of the application. It had ability to manage multiple servers and multiple versions in the same time. My role was project lead responsible for complete project, including architecture, implementation, and coordination with documentation and QA team. Technologies used are Swing, SOAP, SwingX, Guice. We also ended up driving and developing a lot of functionality on MeetingPlace server itself. Project duration was 1.5 years and it become part of MeetingPlace application suite. ...


Project Lead, Technical Lead, Senior Software Engineer

Belgrade, Serbia

June 2001 - August 2010

I held position of Technical Lead in Cisco outsourcing part of the PSTech. Besides work on Cisco related projects, I also took part in several non Cisco projects. Besides projects I was directly involved in implementation, I was often consulted in decisions regarding technology choice, software design, database design, Linux, project estimates, ... - Zarafa porting - Took part in porting open source Zarafa server (free Exchange alternative) from MySQL to Ingress database engine. The task included porting MySQL specific queries to standard SQL and some performance tuning and optimizations. Codebase was largely C++. - Sugar CRM customizations - I took part in project to customize SugarCRM and basic project management and order management implementation based on projects for one large German ISP (PHP, SugarCRM). - Java training for new employees - I prepared and conducted multiple times a training to get new employees up to speed in various technologies required. I was specifically teaching version control, build systems, dependency injection, SQL modeling, database persistence libraries and web application security (SVN, ClearCase, SQL, MySQL, Maven, Ant, Spring and Guice framework, JDBC, iBatis, Hibernate, JAAS, AcegiSecurity). - Publitas eDoc Converter project - Took part in building REST web services. My role was to help defining project architecture (REST/Jersey, XStream, Acegy/Spring security). - ...


Senior Software Engineer

June 2003 - December 2003

Contractor through Power Symbol Technology. After Wanadu has been aquired by Latitude, worked as a Senior Engineerin engineering team in Belgrade, Serbia originally formed while at the startup Wanadu (see below). Responsible for porting Wanadu's iCreate to the Latitude MeetingPlace conferencing application.


Senior Software Engineer

Belgrade, Serbia

June 2001 - June 2003

iCreate Server - eLearning and content management server developed for Wanadu Inc., CA based startup Company. My role in this project is to be team lead and lead engineer of web part of the application. My responsibilities in this project included web application design and implementation (JBoss, Tomcat, EJB, JMS and JSP), XML-RPC API, work distribution and load balancing, database design and implementation (MSSQL Server, MySQL and Sybase). iCreate Desktop Edition - Powerpoint Addin. I implemented UI of first release of the plug-in using Java Swing. I also did a NT service implementation (C++), built automated build system and created installer (CVS, InnoSetup, Visual Studio, C++). I also worked on a pilot project of integration between our conversion engine and Microsoft SharePoint Server (SOAP, C#).

Kaldera doo


January 1996 - June 2000

CEO of a small family business company,


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