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Ilyas Aamran

More than a Copywriter I am an Attention Grabber.

Moves to Marrakech

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Propose a project The project will only begin when you accept Ilyas's quote.

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Marrakech, Morocco
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  • Marrakech and 50km around




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Ilyas in a few words

Guess what people are dumb
Yeah, i mean just look at how many of us loose our time using our phone to loose money rather than using it to make money.
8/10 people that will see and ad are going to read it, but only 2/10 are going to click on it.
Imagine making a simple and attractive text that catches, grabbs people's attention and makes them give you money. Isn't what we all dream of, well with my help this will be possible.
Let's consider that I make a text for you in order to help you sell a product, and that out of 1000 person that sees it only 250 decide to find out more about it, and that out of thise 250 only 60 of them end up buying your product.
Sounds great right, so now let's consider i do this around 10 times for you, if you sell a product for around 30$ you will sell 60*30$ that is 1800$ and that 10 times in a single week so it can go up to 18 000$.
All of this for the little price of 450$.
So with my help you can be sure to win money no matter what because you only need a little amount of sale in order to be profitable.

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