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David Aguiar

public speaking coach | startup coach | speaker

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Múnich, Alemania
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David in a few words

Ayudando a Startups a presentar sus proyectos delante de VC, Ángeles o posibles inversores me he dado cuenta de la clave del éxito no radica sólo en la calidad del producto, si no en aprovechar cada ocasión para poder impresionar a tu audiencia. Sea en 30 segundos con un Elevator Pitch para impactar, preparando un Business Pitch para tu siguiente inversor como ganando confianza en tus conferencias, ayudo a que descubras tus puntos fuertes como comunicador.

- Profesor de desarrollo de Start-up a nivel universitario (desde la idea hasta Pitch para Incubator labs).
- Consultor en técnicas de liderazgo (cómo comunicar como Manager de equipos, liderar reuniones, motivar equipos, dar buenas y malas noticias, preparar una conferencia técnica...).
- Motivational Speaker (ciencia, innovación,...).
- Maestro de Ceremonias en eventos de Innovación, entrega de premios,... de entre muchas áreas que están por descubrir.
- Experiencia con Audiencias: desde 10 hasta 350 personas con ejercicios prácticos basados en “Learning by doing” para no irse con las manos vacías.


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Aviation & Aerospace

Start-up development Coach

Madrid, España

February 2018 - December 2018

AIRBUS in collaboration with UPM is forming university students, coming from multi-functional disciplines, into knowing more about Start-Ups creation from scratch. Focused on the initial phases of building a company from 0 (ideation, seed, maturity, pitching, prototyping, ...), we aim to help our students understand, interact and react with some real world and business experiences using their own hands.

Main tasks:
- Coach: follow their moves, motivate and feed their will to learn, create and transform their own dreams into tangible ideas. Team member of a great group of coaches coming from different Airbus Innovation areas, willing to share our view and experiences.
- Business Pitch Coach: my main goal is to assure that their Business Pitches are well built depending on the Investors/Angels they are going to present their Business to.
- Tutor: have our team motivated and on track with the program. Involved (without influencing) in the construction of 3 main pillars: Desirability, Feasibility, Viability. Have informal meetings is a must!
- Teach? Yes, and also Enjoy, Play and Learn lots from them!
Design Thinking Lean startup Business Model Pitch to Investors Incremental Improvement MVP

AIRBUS Defence and Space - AIRBUS GROUP

Aviation & Aerospace

Systems Engineer

Madrid, España

January 2015 - December 2018

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