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Borislav Kiprin

Experienced Digital Marketing Strategist

Remote from Munich

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Munich, Germany
Remote only
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  • Biotechnology
  • Digital Agency and IT company
  • E-commerce
  • Education & E-learning
  • Environment
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Borislav in a few words

Digital marketing and digital strategy are nowadays essential to virtually any company of any size in any market, and two things fascinate me the most about these two.
First: the concept of consideration of various existing data points, user behavior patterns, channels, platforms, designs, tools, pricing, and many other factors to come up with the best plan to create a valuable experience for the customer, so they would come back.
Second: how a good digital marketing strategy and execution is never a destination, but a journey full of learning, analysis, optimization, and shifting of gears.

I thrive on this fascination while helping businesses achieve their goals online by adding the right mix of digital tools, know-how, and resources to reach out to their customers and create unforgettable experiences for them. No matter if it is a comprehensive digital strategy or a focus on one specific area (social media, campaign management, web optimization, analytics, etc.) or task (introduction of a new feature, website, or a product), I thrive on the new and the yet unexperienced. Every project is different, so is the target audience, and the more situations I encounter, the more motivated I find myself to learn more, consider more, and apply more.

Previously, I have amassed valuable marketing experience and knowledge in various industries (Tech, Healthcare, Commerce, Music, and more) in both Europe and Asia, in B2B, B2C, global or regional settings. As an alumnus of three worldwide renowned universities – Fudan University, IE Business School, and MIT Business School, I feel that multiculturality and empathy have become an inseparable part of me.

Outside of my work, I enjoy literature that helps me grow, learn, and understand. I also travel near and far and capture photographs.

Specialties: Digital Marketing, Digital Strategy, Social Media, Online Marketing Campaigns, Project Management, B2B, B2C, SEO, PPC, Content Strategy, Customer Journey Mapping, User Experience,


Open as App GmbH - Groupe OPEN

Software Publisher

Head Of Marketing

Munich Area, Germany

October 2019 - Today

Create & share great apps based on your data in Excel, Google Sheets or databases. Automatically. Instantly. #nocode. Secure. Any platform.
• Leveraging multiple analytical and content marketing platforms aiming to grow the current customer base and generate leads
• Establishing and improving the current marketing technology and process setup
• Ideating and executing growth marketing strategies focusing on customer added value and performance • Implementing a content strategy leading to more than 15% growth in new users and above 399% on social media channel delivered in the first 3 months after implementation
• Leading a team of three marketers
Google Optimize Hubspot Management SEMrush

Borislav Kiprin Digital Consulting

Digital Agency and IT company

Digital Strategy & Marketing Consultant

Munich, Germany

June 2009 - Today

I am helping companies take their digital marketing efforts to the next level by developing digital strategies, focusing on the right mix of platforms, processes, and resources, channels, and approaches (web analytics, content strategy, social media, PPC, website optimization, CRM, etc.) based on the customer’s business specifics and historical performance.
Main services:
• Digital Strategy
• Social Media Strategy
• Paid Search & Social
• Content Strategy
• Analytics
• Training & Workshops
Additionally, I am also aiding NPOs, NGOs, and individuals to strengthen their digital presence and communication aiming to gain greater visibility on their good projects. Last but not least, I am sharing my knowledge and expertise through workshops aiming to empower businesses to take matters in their own hands and continue growing with time and experience.
Notable projects include:
- Zports.com - Campaign strategy for a new Premium feature and iOS and Android apps launches (2019)
- A Swiss-based Consulting Firm - Remarketing, PPC, and inbound lead generation (2019)
- GE Healthcare - Digital Marketing Advisor Central Europe (2017) - SEO and B2B Social Media strategy for a leading European embedded systems distributor. (2016)
- Content Marketing for Hubstaff (2016) - Enigma's Social Song
- Co-lead digital, social media, and content strategies for first-of-its-kind online user-generated songwriting with Enigma and its fans. (2010)

GE Healthcare

Medical field

Digital Marketing Manager, Europe

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

February 2018 - January 2019

• Managed digital marketing projects and campaigns with the modalities and zones across Europe
• Coordinated and synchronized all aspects of digital marketing campaigns, from ideation and design up to the follow-up of the leads activation by sales and success measurement
• Optimised digital marketing tools, platforms, and processes including customer databases, reporting, lead capture tools/processes, lead qualification methods, and marketing-sales handovers
• Led a global Customer Journey Mapping task force aiming to identify possible gaps in Marketing ROI and KPIs measurement

GE Healthcare

Digital Marketing Advisor, Central Europe

Munich, Germany

June 2017 - January 2018

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