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Benjamin Duron

Software Engineer, software design, back-end, DSL

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Paris, France
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Benjamin in a few words

Hi, I'm Benjamin,

My goal is to help you tackle complexity in your software system.

I firmly believe that growing an unmaintenable and hard-to-understand code base is not a fatality.
Accidental complexity can be tamed, and essential complexity can be reduced to its minimum.

While choosing the good frameworks, libraries, languages or paradigms is important,
it is almost irrelevant if you chose the wrong design and architecture to start with.

I help organizations make their software architecture work for them and achieve their business goals.

Feel free to reach me, I’ll be happy to hear about the challenges you’re facing!



Software Publisher

Software Engineer

Paris, France

May 2018 - Today (3 years and 4 months)

Software engineer in the Jetlang Engine team.

Jetlang is the domain specific language (DSL), and its run-time, Payfit created to handle European payroll rules, and keep up with their ever changing nature. The goal of this DSL is to foster maintainability, and keep complexity under control by segregating the specification (business rules) from the implementation (DSL runtime).

Improve and maintain :
- our internal taxes and payroll domain specific language (DSL) called Jetlang
- our DSL runtime (ie. graph algorithms, recalculation engine, performance...)
- our DSL compiler (ie. optimization steps such as partial evaluation, constant folding...)
- our DSL IDE (ie. AST manipulation and IDE support of the DSL)

Split of a critical subset of a monolith into a micro-service API (ie. migration project, refactoring, technical debt mitigation...)

Research about language engineering, DSLs, business rules systems, language workbenches, spreadsheet computation engine implementation.

All of this work was done in a micro-services context, operated on a Kubernetes cluster.

Also worked on various subjects such has :
- Contributing to setup a GraphQL resources access layer (+ data modeling)
- Some contributions to our cross-cutting concerns micro-services (distributed tracing, logging, authorization & access control, message queues service...)
- Some React/Redux frontend tasks related to the Jetlang runtime
- Wrote a lot of specs and documented architecture
- Research and talks about state-of-the-art business rules management systems
- Contributed to initiate conversations about the business logic (DSL) architecture, involving a lot of stakeholders (C-level, VPs, and related teams)
- ...

Languages used :
- TypeScript
- JavaScript
- Python
- Ocaml

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